Don’t Ride on Bad Tires! Prevent an Accident Today

Your tires perform poorly long before the tread is totally gone. Tests show that even tires with half their tread left have already lost a good amount of grip. So, how do you know when to change tires on your vehicle? Read on to learn more about how to check for proper tread depth and other tips on how and when to change your tires to prevent an accident.

Window Care Advice from Spectrum Collision

Window Cleaning Advice from Spectrum CollisionVehicle upkeep in Southern California can be a challenge. With wind, bugs, dirt and debris pelting your car during your commute, it’s hard to prevent damage to windows without almost constant cleaning.

With more Teslas on the Road than ever, Tesla Approved Body Shops are in High Demand

Drivers bought nearly 10,000 Tesla Model S cars in Q3 2016, a 59% jump from the previous year, Bloomberg News reported. This sales trend is bound to continue and with nearly 400,000 people lined up to buy the yet-to-launch affordable mass-market Tesla Model 3, more and more Tesla cars will be on the road.