How to Drive Around Aggressive and Bad Drivers

It seems with everyone in a hurry these days, the road becomes more dangerous. As people are rushing about and not taking the time to drive safely, it can be hard to avoid a crash. Follow some simple driving advice to keep you on the safe track despite all the aggressive and bad drivers on the road today.

What we Face on the Road

When driving today, we tend to face plenty of challenges beyond our control. Not only must you deal with aggressive drivers, but you’ll often encounter other drivers who exceed the speed limit, follow too closely or fail to obey common traffic laws.

You also have to avoid becoming a victim of road rage. It seems every day there is another news story about a road rage incident that occurred when an aggressive driver threatens to hurt another driver or causes injuries. Road rage can escalate quickly and can become life threatening. When dealing with road rage and aggressive drivers, follow these simple driving advice tips.

Tips & Ticks

  • Avoid all conflict at any cost. Do not take another’s driving as a personal attack against you. Try to be tolerant and kind to all you encounter. Treat them as if they were your friend.
  • Don’t force the right of way. Allow others to give you your turn.
  • Never drive behind a vehicle with your high beams on and be sure you turn them off promptly when oncoming traffic is present.
  • Allow plenty of room between you and other vehicles. This allows you the room to move if someone approaches your vehicle.
  • Avoid all eye contact with an angry driver and never get out of your vehicle for an altercation.
  • If all else fails, don’t be afraid to contact 911. While you are waiting for officers to arrive, attempt to drive into a public place like a hospital or fire station. Beep your horn to attract attention if you need to.

What to Do When a Crash has Occurred

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