About our Kia Collision Repair Center

Whether you’ve just been involved in a heavy collision or a minor fender-bender, we at Spectrum Collision will do our best to restore your Kia to its pre-accident condition.

As the authorized repair center for Kia of Irvine, we know your vehicle very well and understand the importance of fixing it right the first time. With trained technicians using the most up-to-date product knowledge and technology - and Genuine Kia Parts designed to fit your vehicle perfectly - you can be sure you and your vehicle are getting the exact service you deserve.

Your Kia was built to incredibly high standards, therefore an equally high level of collision repair service, like you’ll find at Spectrum Collision, is required to restore your vehicle to original factory-specifications. Leave your car with us and enjoy our customer concierge services.

The Power to Surprise – Choose Spectrum Collision for your Kia collision repair needs.

We have trained representatives to help you with your needs.

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