Three Rules to Live by Immediately After Painting Your Car

Car Paint Detail

Most people feel a renewed sense of the need to keep their vehicle pristine after it undergoes some type of body work. Fresh paint can stir the feeling that you need to wash and wax your car right away to keep it looking great, but vehicle paint and body professionals advise…

What To Do if Your Car is Affected by a Recall

There’s more to car ownership than oil changes and occasional new tires. In addition to the routine maintenance and repairs that needs to be regularly undertaken, you should be paying attention to recalls and how they may affect your vehicle.

Out-of-Town Accidents: What Should You Do?

Being involved in a car accident in your hometown is frightening enough. When it occurs in another location, it’s easy to become downright panicked. Here is what to do when you’re involved in an out-of-town accident.

Increase the Value of Your Car with These Quick Tips

There’s a lot that goes into appraising a vehicle, some are objective values such as mileage, service record and accident history, but others can be quite subjective. As great as it would be if every vehicle appraisal were purely objective, unfortunately that’s not the case. So to squeeze out every penny of your car’s worth, you’ve got to do your part to make sure your car not only drives good, but looks feels and smells good to boot!

What that Warning Light is Trying to Tell You

As much as you might talk to your car (whether positive or negative), your car has just one way to talk back – dashboard lights. They light up as if to say “I’m thirsty for oil!” or “My engine hurts!” and are a way that almost anybody can handle maintenance before major damage occurs to your car. Understanding the various lights on your dashboard will help you know what your car is trying to tell you and how urgently you should be treating the issue.

Window Care Advice from Spectrum Collision

Window Cleaning Advice from Spectrum CollisionVehicle upkeep in Southern California can be a challenge. With wind, bugs, dirt and debris pelting your car during your commute, it’s hard to prevent damage to windows without almost constant cleaning.