Your Car Wants a New Paint Job – Here’s How it’s Trying to Tell You

Most people rarely consider the reasons for updating their vehicle’s paint job. Most drivers believe that their car’s coat of paint is simply for looks, but there are more practical purposes. Having a quality paint job that’s in great shape protects your car from corrosion, scrapes, rocks on the bumpy roads, dirt and grime.

How to Choose a Paint Color for Your Car

If you’re looking to paint your old car, there are some factors to take into consideration. Don’t rush the job, but take your time to ensure you end up with the desired look you want.

Three Rules to Live by Immediately After Painting Your Car

Car Paint Detail

Most people feel a renewed sense of the need to keep their vehicle pristine after it undergoes some type of body work. Fresh paint can stir the feeling that you need to wash and wax your car right away to keep it looking great, but vehicle paint and body professionals advise…

Before Choosing a Body Shop You Need to Ask These Questions

You don’t need to dread looking for a place to take your vehicle. We’ve got all the tips so you can learn how to choose a quality body shop. Simply ask these questions before turning over any work to them.

Don’t Ride on Bad Tires! Prevent an Accident Today

Your tires perform poorly long before the tread is totally gone. Tests show that even tires with half their tread left have already lost a good amount of grip. So, how do you know when to change tires on your vehicle? Read on to learn more about how to check for proper tread depth and other tips on how and when to change your tires to prevent an accident.

Increase the Value of Your Car with These Quick Tips

There’s a lot that goes into appraising a vehicle, some are objective values such as mileage, service record and accident history, but others can be quite subjective. As great as it would be if every vehicle appraisal were purely objective, unfortunately that’s not the case. So to squeeze out every penny of your car’s worth, you’ve got to do your part to make sure your car not only drives good, but looks feels and smells good to boot!

How to Keep Kids Safe In and Around Your Car

Of all the things you do to try and keep your kids safe, keeping kids safe around vehicles is an absolute essential. Kids are small, so they can be hard to see from the driver’s seat, and may not recognize the danger a moving car represents. It’s the responsibility of a parent to teach a child how to stay safe around vehicles but there are a number of practices drivers can adopt to do their part. Spectrum Collision has a few tips for driving around kids or with kids.

How to Handle a Hit-and-Run Scenario

Today’s roads have a reputation of being very dangerous environments. Car collisions rank high in death toll statistics. One of the more traumatic experiences of being a driver is to, one, be a victim of a hit and run accident, or two, witness one, especially if there are human casualties involved. Keeping a level head and knowing what to do in either situation can go a long way to help reduce elevated levels of stress.