With more Teslas on the Road than ever, Tesla Approved Body Shops are in High Demand

Drivers bought nearly 10,000 Tesla Model S cars in Q3 2016, a 59% jump from the previous year, Bloomberg News reported. This sales trend is bound to continue and with nearly 400,000 people lined up to buy the yet-to-launch affordable mass-market Tesla Model 3, more and more Tesla cars will be on the road.

How to Handle a Hit-and-Run Scenario

Today’s roads have a reputation of being very dangerous environments. Car collisions rank high in death toll statistics. One of the more traumatic experiences of being a driver is to, one, be a victim of a hit and run accident, or two, witness one, especially if there are human casualties involved. Keeping a level head and knowing what to do in either situation can go a long way to help reduce elevated levels of stress.

Three Important Maintenance Tips for Your Electric Vehicle

As an affordable, alternative energy replacement, electric cars are less prone to problems than normal cars are. However, they still require maintenance just like any other vehicle. Here are three important maintenance tips for your electric vehicle.

Tips for Driving in a Downpour

The biggest storm in two years is raining down on Southern California this weekend...

Safest Cars For 2014

Don't Google and Drive

Temecula woman's charges dropped in traffic court this week after receiving a ticket for wearing Google Glass and driving.

Say Goodbye to Scuffed Rims with Push Button Parallel Parking

BMW i3

We’ve seen incredible technology come out of Las Vegas’s CES 2014 all week, but we are most excited for the push button parallel parking feature on the all-new BMW i3.

The i3 can fit into a space just 22 inches longer than itself…

Driving the Future for Foster Care Youth

Spectrum Collision Announces Official Partnership with Hart Community Homes for 15th Annual Charity Golf Invitational.

Check out our article in Irvine BMW's June Newsletter!

Accidents happen. And while a BMW Certified Collision Repair Center can’t undo the accident, we can undo the damage...

BMW: A Driving Obsession

Spectrum Collision is summing up the highlights of CNBC’s inside look into BMW in case you missed the 60-minute feature, “BMW: A Driving Obsession.” The program aired tonight at 6pm, will run again at 9pm and originally ran in 2011. Here’s what you need to know about the brand behind the Ultimate Driving Machine and its subsidiaries, Mini Cooper and Rolls Royce:

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