Common Types of Road Debris and How To Avoid It

(Photo: Improperly secured cargo can be extremely hazard to drivers if it because dislodged during transit. We've put together a helpful list of how to identify and avoid dangerous situations caused by debris in the roadway. / “Loading large boxes up the ramp onto removal truck photo” by Sunset Removals is licensed under CC BY 2.0)

Road debris and objects on the road have resulted in collisions and caused the deaths of hundreds of victims and injuring thousands according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. Avoiding an accident on the road requires drivers to practice a few safety precautions especially when hauling cargo and furniture.

What that Warning Light is Trying to Tell You

As much as you might talk to your car (whether positive or negative), your car has just one way to talk back – dashboard lights. They light up as if to say “I’m thirsty for oil!” or “My engine hurts!” and are a way that almost anybody can handle maintenance before major damage occurs to your car. Understanding the various lights on your dashboard will help you know what your car is trying to tell you and how urgently you should be treating the issue.

Window Care Advice from Spectrum Collision

Window Cleaning Advice from Spectrum CollisionVehicle upkeep in Southern California can be a challenge. With wind, bugs, dirt and debris pelting your car during your commute, it’s hard to prevent damage to windows without almost constant cleaning.

Caring for a Hybrid or Electric Vehicle

You may be put off owning a hybrid vehicle due to the perceived costs of upkeep, but the truth of the matter is that they’re not that different to maintain than a regular, gasoline-powered vehicle. You do have to be wary of a couple of things, since a hybrid vehicle uses an electric motor and batteries in addition to the gasoline motor, but it doesn’t have to be the chore some people make it out to be. When you consider that the benefits far outweigh any negatives, you realize that both hybrids and electric cars make sense.

Avoid Dents and Dings by Modifying your Parking Spot

How to Make your Parking Spot More Convenient

 (Photo: Jan Kalab / Flickr)

We’ve all been there, there’s no shame in admitting it. Parking can be tricky at the best of times, and nigh impossible at the worst. If you’re parking in…

Have your Vehicle Assessed for Hidden Damage After a Minor Crash

Even if you’ve been involved in the most minor of incidents in your car, there can be damage to the body and paintwork that you might not be able to see immediately. There’s an art to be able to locate damage to your vehicle which is why it’s best to take it to the professionals like us at the Spectrum Collision auto repair center in Irvine, CA.

Routine Vehicle Maintenance Saves On Repair Costs Down The Line

When you want to save money on car repair costs as well as avoid unexpected mechanical failures, routine checkups are the surest way to enjoy peace of mind.

With more Teslas on the Road than ever, Tesla Approved Body Shops are in High Demand

Drivers bought nearly 10,000 Tesla Model S cars in Q3 2016, a 59% jump from the previous year, Bloomberg News reported. This sales trend is bound to continue and with nearly 400,000 people lined up to buy the yet-to-launch affordable mass-market Tesla Model 3, more and more Tesla cars will be on the road.

How to Handle a Hit-and-Run Scenario

Today’s roads have a reputation of being very dangerous environments. Car collisions rank high in death toll statistics. One of the more traumatic experiences of being a driver is to, one, be a victim of a hit and run accident, or two, witness one, especially if there are human casualties involved. Keeping a level head and knowing what to do in either situation can go a long way to help reduce elevated levels of stress.

Three Important Maintenance Tips for Your Electric Vehicle

As an affordable, alternative energy replacement, electric cars are less prone to problems than normal cars are. However, they still require maintenance just like any other vehicle. Here are three important maintenance tips for your electric vehicle.

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