Increase the Value of Your Car with These Quick Tips

There’s a lot that goes into appraising a vehicle, some are objective values such as mileage, service record and accident history, but others can be quite subjective. As great as it would be if every vehicle appraisal were purely objective, unfortunately that’s not the case. So to squeeze out every penny of your car’s worth, you’ve got to do your part to make sure your car not only drives good, but looks feels and smells good to boot!

It doesn’t have to require a lot of work in order to get a higher vehicle resale value, just follow our simple tips. Even things that seem minor can factor into an appraiser’s impression of your vehicle, don’t let the details slip by you! Before you trade in your vehicle, to take steps to increase the resale value and you’ll be glad you did.   

1. Detail the Vehicle

Spending a few hours doing a deep cleaning and detail work on your vehicle can definitely bump up the value that can be expected. Make sure you take the time to get inside the door frame, under the car mats and other hidden places that often get neglected. Give it the white glove treatment to get the full value of your car.

Give the car a deep clean on the outside as well. Be sure you take the time to wax and polish the paint for a renewed color and shine. A car that looks dingy and old won’t be as appealing to an appraiser or an objective buyer. This only adds to your vehicle’s overall luster and helps to increase vehicle resale value.

2. Gather All the Paperwork

If you took proper care of your vehicle, then the world needs to know it. Keep a folder of all the maintenance and repair records you’ve kept for your car.

Besides allowing the new buyer the opportunity to see all the newer items that have been replaced, you are also showing how much you cared for your vehicle. This will add dollar signs to that offer you need.

Many buyers also like to see a vehicle history report from Experian or CarFax. Take the time to print this offer and present it with the other records to ease a new buyer’s mind.

3. Get the Car Fixed

It is often worth having a professional take care of minor issues before selling your vehicle. Having minor body work in Orange County, CA, doesn’t have to be a hassle and can dramatically increase your car’s value.

Simple scratches, parking lot dings and minor scuffs can be easily taken care of without spending a lot. Not only will making these repairs make it easier to sell but you can also expect to put more money in your pocket from the sale.

For professional vehicle body repairs in Southern California, come to Spectrum Collision. We are experts in getting the highest resale value for your vehicle and our prices won’t break the bank. Give our knowledgeable staff a call today and let’s see what we can do for your car.

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