How to Keep Kids Safe In and Around Your Car

Of all the things you do to try and keep your kids safe, keeping kids safe around vehicles is an absolute essential. Kids are small, so they can be hard to see from the driver’s seat, and may not recognize the danger a moving car represents. It’s the responsibility of a parent to teach a child how to stay safe around vehicles but there are a number of practices drivers can adopt to do their part. Spectrum Collision has a few tips for driving around kids or with kids.

Take a Walk Around Your Vehicle

Before doing anything, take a quick walk around your car. This can identify children that might be hiding nearby as well as any other potential obstacles. The extra few seconds it takes are worth it!

Load Kids Up Securely

If you’re going to be taking the kids somewhere, get them loaded in the car before you set off. Accidents can happen at home if a child wanders in front of or behind a vehicle a parent is moving into a garage for instance. If the car must be moved first, consider keeping the kids inside or have another adult supervise them until you’re ready to load them up.  

Mirrors and Cameras Will Help you Spot Hazards

This one may be obvious, but check your mirrors! You might be able to spot your child hiding out in your mirrors in a position that you would be unable to see them just looking out the windows. Many new cars today are offered with rear view cameras. Use them! The camera activates when the car is in reverse, so be sure to take a moment to see what’s behind you.

Car Seats Save Lives

There are car seats available to suit kids of every age and size and a quick search online will provide plenty of car seat advice. Normal seat belts are designed for adults, not children. Until they are big enough for the seat belt to be effective, children should be secured in a car seat.

Train Your Kids on Automotive Safety

Another important tip is to train your kids. Tell them that if they ever hear the car running or see the car moving, to get away from the vehicle. Train them to never run around or play near the vehicle.

Be Strict

Enforce your car rules strictly, but with love. Make sure your kids know your rules are for their best interest. Be willing to discipline your kids if they are not behaving properly around your car. The stakes are simply too high not to take it seriously.

Have Vehicle Damage Repaired at Spectrum Collision in Irvine!

Kids and cars aren’t always the best combination. A vehicle parked in a driveway or garage around kids and teens is vulnerable to scratches, dings and dents from baseball bats, pogo sticks or other toys. Whenever your vehicle gets in the way of a whirlwind playtime, bring it to Spectrum Collision and we’ll rectify the damage to your vehicle at a price that will make it easy to forgive.  

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