Maintain Your Vehicle for National Car Care Month

It’s officially National Car Care Month and we couldn’t be more excited. It’s the perfect time to think about how important it is to keep up with your vehicle’s maintenance. Not only will it help your car live longer but it also increases the resale value when you are ready to trade up. Here are some important steps to take this month.

Dangerous Driving Habits You Should Fix to Help Prevent an Accident

Driving can be risky, and a number of things can go wrong on any given trip. Accidents are by nature unexpected, but unexpectable doesn’t mean unavoidable. There are many things you can do to reduce your risk. Every driver likely commits a few unsafe driving practices every day and we’re all likely to have several bad habits. Luckily enough, these dangerous driving habits that we find ourselves with are often quite easy to fix.

How to Remove Pesky Stickers from Your Car’s Paint

Bumper sticker removal can be a painful process, and lead to damaging the paint you were trying to resurface. The process to remove stickers will vary slightly depending on what they are made out of and what kind of adhesive was used.

What To Do if Your Car is Affected by a Recall

There’s more to car ownership than oil changes and occasional new tires. In addition to the routine maintenance and repairs that needs to be regularly undertaken, you should be paying attention to recalls and how they may affect your vehicle.

Out-of-Town Accidents: What Should You Do?

Being involved in a car accident in your hometown is frightening enough. When it occurs in another location, it’s easy to become downright panicked. Here is what to do when you’re involved in an out-of-town accident.

5 Best Tips on How to Take Care for A Vehicle Interior

Your car is probably one of your most prized possessions, and with the current cost of a new car it would behoove you to take care of your car and give the longest possible life.

Increase the Value of Your Car with These Quick Tips

There’s a lot that goes into appraising a vehicle, some are objective values such as mileage, service record and accident history, but others can be quite subjective. As great as it would be if every vehicle appraisal were purely objective, unfortunately that’s not the case. So to squeeze out every penny of your car’s worth, you’ve got to do your part to make sure your car not only drives good, but looks feels and smells good to boot!

Listen, Feel, and Look: How to Tell When your Brakes Need Work

One of the best accident prevention tips anybody can give you is to make sure you keep up with your brake maintenance.

How to Keep Kids Safe In and Around Your Car

Of all the things you do to try and keep your kids safe, keeping kids safe around vehicles is an absolute essential. Kids are small, so they can be hard to see from the driver’s seat, and may not recognize the danger a moving car represents. It’s the responsibility of a parent to teach a child how to stay safe around vehicles but there are a number of practices drivers can adopt to do their part. Spectrum Collision has a few tips for driving around kids or with kids.

How to Drive Around Aggressive and Bad Drivers

It seems with everyone in a hurry these days, the road becomes more dangerous. As people are rushing about and not taking the time to drive safely, it can be hard to avoid a crash. Follow some simple driving advice to keep you on the safe track despite all the aggressive and bad drivers on the road today.

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