The Benefits of Tinting Your Windows


Having your car windows tinted is more than a stylistic flourish, it provides you with very practical benefits. When done right, it protects you and your property and will last the lifetime of the vehicle. When done wrong, it looks bad and doesn’t hold up against daily sun and rigorous washing. If you want to invest in your vehicle’s safety, as well as the health of you and your family, then you want to find a quality source for window tinting.

What Kind of Dent Does Your Car Have and How Should You Fix It?

There’s nothing more frustrating than when your sleek, stylish vehicle gets a dent in it. It’s even worse if you aren’t sure how it happened. Different impacts lead to varying types of dents. We’ll break down the dents you might be looking at and offer some guidance on what to do next.

Your Car Wants a New Paint Job – Here’s How it’s Trying to Tell You

Most people rarely consider the reasons for updating their vehicle’s paint job. Most drivers believe that their car’s coat of paint is simply for looks, but there are more practical purposes. Having a quality paint job that’s in great shape protects your car from corrosion, scrapes, rocks on the bumpy roads, dirt and grime.

How to Choose a Paint Color for Your Car

If you’re looking to paint your old car, there are some factors to take into consideration. Don’t rush the job, but take your time to ensure you end up with the desired look you want.

Three Rules to Live by Immediately After Painting Your Car

Car Paint Detail

Most people feel a renewed sense of the need to keep their vehicle pristine after it undergoes some type of body work. Fresh paint can stir the feeling that you need to wash and wax your car right away to keep it looking great, but vehicle paint and body professionals advise…

Before Choosing a Body Shop You Need to Ask These Questions

You don’t need to dread looking for a place to take your vehicle. We’ve got all the tips so you can learn how to choose a quality body shop. Simply ask these questions before turning over any work to them.

Don’t Ride on Bad Tires! Prevent an Accident Today

Your tires perform poorly long before the tread is totally gone. Tests show that even tires with half their tread left have already lost a good amount of grip. So, how do you know when to change tires on your vehicle? Read on to learn more about how to check for proper tread depth and other tips on how and when to change your tires to prevent an accident.

Maintain Your Vehicle for National Car Care Month

It’s officially National Car Care Month and we couldn’t be more excited. It’s the perfect time to think about how important it is to keep up with your vehicle’s maintenance. Not only will it help your car live longer but it also increases the resale value when you are ready to trade up. Here are some important steps to take this month.

Dangerous Driving Habits You Should Fix to Help Prevent an Accident

Driving can be risky, and a number of things can go wrong on any given trip. Accidents are by nature unexpected, but unexpectable doesn’t mean unavoidable. There are many things you can do to reduce your risk. Every driver likely commits a few unsafe driving practices every day and we’re all likely to have several bad habits. Luckily enough, these dangerous driving habits that we find ourselves with are often quite easy to fix.

How to Remove Pesky Stickers from Your Car’s Paint

Bumper sticker removal can be a painful process, and lead to damaging the paint you were trying to resurface. The process to remove stickers will vary slightly depending on what they are made out of and what kind of adhesive was used.

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